Upcoming Events (Pakistan Expo 2017)

Who Should Participate

Public and Private Schools

→ → → (Pre-School, Primary School, Secondary School, Comprehensive School)

Public and Private Colleges

→ → → (Medical, Dental, Engineering, Cadet, Commerce, IT, Law, Army, Navy, Air force)

Public and Private Universities

→ → → (Medical, Dental, Engineering, Commerce, IT, Law, Army, Navy, Air force)

Public and Private Educational Institutes

→ → → (Fashion designing, Arts, Textile, Home education, Virtual education programs, Industrial & Professional training)

Public and Private Training and Vocational Institutes

→ → → (Distance learning, Diploma programs, Career Based)

→ → → (Professional Courses, Short Term Course, Management training centers)

Public and Private Academies

Executive and Entrepreneurial Education Institutes

Career Recruitment Organizations

Educational Loans & Finance, Banks, etc...

Human Resource Department

Job/Placement Consultants

Career Guidance Centers

Publications & Books

Educational Aids (Lab items, Furniture, Art and Crafts etc..)


Stationary Products

Student Insurance Agents

Home Computers, Educational Software...etc

Prospective Visitors

☀ Students, Parents and Teachers, & Managers.

☀ Top management of local education institutions, Bushiness groups.

☀ Key decision-makers from government as well as leading private sector organizations and institutions.

☀ Print & electronic Media journalist & professionals.

☀ Traders, dealers, distributors and retailers of hospital equipment, IT Services, Hospital Furniture etc

☀ Professionals & Trainers

☀ General Public - For awareness of Healthcare issues

☀ Medical Colleges owners and managers

☀ Faculty and Managers of Educational Institute

☀ Allied Health Professionals

☀ Educational Institute students