About us:

"Head-On International" is working since 2004 for the development and up gradation of education sector in Pakistan. Our main focus is the influx of overseas Pakistani and dual nationality students to approach Pakistani institutions, resulting in up gradation of contemporary amenities in these institutions and contentment for students and their parents to study in their own country.

We are the concept leaders for the “STUDY IN PAKISTAN” (SIP) program, by representing Pakistani Educational Institutions in Pakistan and abroad. “SIP” believes in

“Socio-economic development of Pakistan through education”

Through our project “SIPEXPO” we regularly organize education exhibitions in Pakistan and abroad. In Pakistan we arranged "Health Care and Medical Education Expo" in the years 2011, 2012 and 2013 in Lahore Expo Center.

We have also arranged and managed “Study in Pakistan Mini Expo” and road show’s in different cities of Punjab to promote Pakistani educational institutes. Our presence is in all GCC countries especially in UAE with our acquaintances and representatives which enables us to arrange copious seminars and educational exhibitions from time to time.

Every year we represent Pakistan's Education flag in all international education exhibitions around Middle East and to the world. We are also a regular part of GETEX Dubai, UAE and IEHE Riyadh, KSA.

“Study in Pakistan Education Expo’s & Road shows” provides a platform to overseas Pakistani community to be a great access of information about the educational programs offered by Pakistani Educational Institutes. Pakistan offers quality of education at minimum possible cost and overseas Pakistani community prefers their children to get educated in their home country.

Your institution can get benefit in multiple ways by participating in our activities.

Please feel free to contact if you want to be a part of our activities.

International Exhibitions

SIPEXPO - Pakistan

During the year 2011, SIPEXPO was also part of Pakistan's first ever "Health Care and Medical Education Expo 2011” on 8th & 9th October, 2011 in Lahore Expo Center, Lahore.

A continuation of the same expo "Health Care and Medical Education Expo 2012" was also organized in Lahore Expo Center, Lahore on 3rd & 4th October, 2012.

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