Education Expo:

Education fairs represent one of the most efficient ways of meeting large numbers of students and parents for many education institutions. While many institutions will employ a number of methods to recruit their students, education fairs often form the core activity in their annual marketing plans.

This fair features among others local and international colleges and universities, pre-universities institutions, local and international schools, Publishers & Book Sellers, HR and JOB Placement Companies, Communication and IT Companies, businesses and services. It continues to attract and benefit students, school leavers, parents, career training and counseling teachers, stakeholders in education, heads of technical and vocational institutes, professionals and trainers, diplomats and the general public immensely.

Education fairs may form the central thrust of your marketing and communications campaign to recruit students, or they may be an added extra to your other efforts. Whatever the situation is in your own institutional plans, however, fairs must be regarded as an integral part of your overall strategy, which contribute to the overall success of your plans.

Benefits of Education Expo

Education fairs are successful for many institutions because of a number of reasons.

1.The companies that organize fairs attract good numbers of prospective students & parents with appropriate entry qualifications to your institution, all you have to do is turn up with your marketing material to meet them.

2.Education fair providers enable you to reach a far wider potential audience than your own marketing efforts would through their advertising, marketing, media and professional contacts.

3.Fairs offer a very good platform on which to meet all of your existing student contacts, enquiries from your database, applicants, counseling sessions, offer holders, the parents of current students and even alumni.

4.Fairs are an excellent way of researching a country or city market – what kinds of students are coming to meet you? Are they interested in your subject strengths? Are they able to pay your tuition fees? Have they heard of your institution already? What school or university have they attended? All questions and their answers are valuable to your market research and contribute to an improved marketing effort in the future.

5.Exhibitor has a chance to get maximum exposure to prospective students, liaison, corporate linkage and networking with national and international educational professionals and Educational Institutes to build its image in national and International market.

6.It’s a one window information availability platform. Parents and students can get all information regarding to their education and job placement opportunities or future.

7.Education Expo will provide educational institutions, great promotion opportunities to display the skills, quality of education and features that an institute has, to attract the viewer and prospective students.

8.It provides an opportunity for exhibitor to meet some of the brightest students, from their countries most progressive and prestigious institutes while providing ample time for one-on-one discussions between college representatives and potential students and even their parents.

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